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Tree Removal and Disposal: 3 Uses of Wood Chips

When a tree service removes a tree from your property using a tree grinder, the stump will be reduced to wood chips. The tree service may also feed branches and other sections of the tree through a wood chipping machine in order to break them down and removing the need to transport the trunk away using heavy equipment. However, once this process is complete, you may be wondering what use you can put the wood chips to. Below is a guide to 3 ways in which you can use wood chips on your property.


Wood chips are ideal if you wish to create a pathway through the trees in your garden. The ground beneath trees can get very muddy, which can lead to a lot of mess. Adding wood chips to the pathway will help to absorb moisture and promote drainage. To create your path, you should dig down a little way into the soil to create a slight depression which follows the route of your path. You can then lay the wood chips on down over this track.

Play Area

If you are planning to install a swing, slide or climbing frame in your garden, you may be concerned about what will happen if a child falls and lands on solid ground. You can prevent serious injury by using the wood chips from your felled tree to provide a soft area in which children can play. Wood chips also provide additional grip which reduces the chance of a slip, trip or fall. Simply spread the wood chips evenly around the base of the slide, climbing frame or swing. Now and again, you may need to rake the wood chips if they become displaced.


Laying the wood chips down on the ground as mulch is an easy way to suppress the growth of weeds. Wood chip mulch will also help to trap moisture in the soil on warm and sunny days which will provide much-needed water to your plants and trees. For the best results, you should scatter wood chips across an area of land, so they form a solid layer which feels slightly springy underfoot.

As you can see, it is very easy to use wood chips which are created during the removal of a tree. If you are planning to have a tree felled, you should speak with the contractor and request that they keep any wood chips so you can put them to good use.