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How to Protect Your Commercial Property from Tree Damage During Winter

Trees form an essential part of your commercial landscape. They add a natural beauty that would not be achieved with artificial features such as fountains and retaining walls. However, trees can also be sources of property damage, especially during the winter storms. If a tree falls on your property, it will cause damage to your building and the rest of your landscaping features such as flowers, small plants, and sidewalks. That's why you need to take the following actions before the winter sets in to protect your property from damage and safeguard your trees from the storm.

Observe continuous tree care

Waiting until the onset of winter to start taking care of your trees won't do much to protect them against the fierce wind and storms. That's why you need to take measures to keep your trees healthy all year round. Ensure that they get enough nutrients from fertilizers and organic mulch. Be on the lookout for signs of disease such as yellow leaves, rot, falling branches, growths on the trunk, and peeling bark. If these problems exist, you should treat your tree early to prevent extensive damage which will necessitate tree removal.

When trees are watered, fertilized, and taken care of throughout the year, they gain enough strength to withstand inclement weather during winter.

Lop unhealthy branches

If your tree has any unhealthy branches, that is, branches that are either dead or dangerously overhanging your property, you should get rid of them. When the storms come, these branches will undoubtedly break, and it will be unfortunate if they fall on your property and cause damage. Therefore, before the onset of winter, inspect all your trees and look for large branches that look like they won't withstand the strong winds. Have them cut down immediately. Also, if your trees are very tall, you may want to top them to avoid excessive swaying which increases the risk of breakage.

Remove dangerous trees

Cutting down a tree on your commercial property may be disheartening, but it may be for your safety. Hazardous trees that are overhanging your building or are near power lines can be sources of hazards on your property. When swayed by the wind, the trees can come into contact with power lines and cause sparks or fire. Also, they can fall on your building and cause damage to the roof and windows. Such trees should be cut before the onset of winter to prevent these hazards.

Contact a palm tree removalist to inspect your trees and recommend the suitable measures to prevent property damage during winter.