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Reasons Tree Lopping Is Critical For Tree Maintenance

For many a homeowner, trees are considered a vital element of beauty for their landscape. Thus, many people will opt to plant these specimens in their yard for shade against the Australian heat as well as to boost kerb appeal. Nonetheless, although trees do not need intensive care to grow, they do require laborious maintenance to stay in pristine condition. One of the measures that are critical for tree maintenance is tree lopping. This measure entails occasional pruning of parts of the tree to keep it in tiptop shape. However, some people may neglect this procedure as they assume it is unnecessary as long as their tree looks like it is thriving. Here is why tree lopping is essential for proper tree maintenance.

Tree lopping increases exposure to sunlight

If your tree has a thick canopy, then it is vital to engage in tree lopping to increase the amount of direct sunlight it is exposed to as well as improve on air circulation. Sunshine is a fundamental need for trees, as they need its rays to facilitate photosynthesis. When a tree develops a thick canopy, the leaves located in the centre of the tee do not receive adequate sunlight and their ability to photosynthesis diminishes. Before you know, the interior of the tree starts to die. Tree lopping is particularly beneficial for fruiting trees, as the increased air circulation coupled with the enhanced sun exposure will help in improving the crop.

Tree lopping will beautify your yard

As a tree ages, you will find that parts of the plant begin to acquire damage or deteriorate at a different rate than others. For instance, the tree may look healthy, but with closer inspection, you will find that the limbs may be overcrowded in one area or part of the crown has started to become stunted due to lack of sufficient sunlight. Tree lopping is one of the measures that you can take to make sure that your tree is always looking appealing. With regular lopping, the arborist eliminates excessive branches, which in turn works to promote the healthy growth of the crown. Additionally, with routine lopping, there is a decreased likelihood of excessive tree shedding which would also function to retain the kerb appeal of your property.

Tree lopping keeps your plant healthy

Another reason why regular tree lopping is necessary is to ensure that the tree is not at risk of pest or disease. When one of the tree limbs acquires an infection or develops an infestation, you will soon find that it has spread to the rest of the specimen. When you have a schedule or tree lopping, these risks can be caught early before they get a chance to affect the other limbs, which prolongs the lifespan of the tree by keeping it healthy for longer.