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6 Benefits of Tree Removal

Are you trying to decide if you should remove a tree on your property or not? Trees are attractive and beneficial to their environment when planted in the right place. But sometimes, if a tree is unhealthy or growing in a spot that interferes with its surroundings, then removal might be safer and less costly than keeping the tree.

If you are in two minds about removing a tree from your property, consider the following benefits that you might gain by opting for tree removal.

1. Additional space above and below ground

Trees take up a lot of space above and below ground. And the average root system of a tree is at least twice the size of its canopy. That's a lot of underground space taken up by roots. If you remove a mature tree, you gain a wealth of space above ground for additions such as patios or pergolas to your yard. In addition, you can free up space below ground for plants or utility lines.

2. A better view of the surrounding area

Sometimes, when you remove a tree, you gain a much better view of the surrounding area. And until you remove a tree, you may not realise just how much of your view that tree blocked. If you are surrounded by beautiful scenery, removing your tree could make your yard a much more pleasant place to spend time due to the gorgeous views.

3. Fewer pests to deal with

Trees inevitably attract pests. In Australia, squirrels, roof rats and possums all use trees to travel overground. And these pests may become a nuisance to your property if they decide to invade your roof or nest in your yard. Insect pests like carpenter ants and termites also like trees. Removing your tree will lower the number of pests in your yard.

4. No tree maintenance costs

Trees require maintenance like tree trimming and fertiliser treatments to stay healthy and attractive. But these tasks require experts, which costs money. You can save money on tree maintenance by removing your tree.

5. Less yard work to deal with

Trees drop leaf litter and dead twigs and branches wherever they grow. If you don't want to spend time clearing up tree litter from your yard or encouraging plants and grass to grow in your tree's shade, tree removal is your best option.

6. Less risk of damage to your property

Trees are a risk during storms, especially when a tree has an abundance of weak or dead branches that could break off in strong winds. And trees can be a fire hazard, which is a risk if you live in a bushfire prone area. Removing your tree will reduce the safety risks to you and your property.

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