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What is Tree Lopping and Why is it Important?

Trees are an important part of nature. They maintain a healthy balance in the ecosystem, retain underground water, and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. However, trees also need to be maintained, especially in neighborhoods. It is sometimes necessary to maintain the heath of the tree by trimming out dead branches, thinning the canopy and cutting out sections that are likely to fall off and cause damage.

Tree lopping is the practice of trimming a tree's branches, leaves and other parts to keep the tree and the nearby environment safe and healthy. Tree lopping services involve the pruning of trees by professionals who can complete the job while causing minimal damage to the environment. 

    The Importance of Tree Lopping

Improves the health of the tree

In some cases, a tree may experience dead branches and leaves due to a disease that is plaguing the roots, stem, or other areas. In order to limit extensive damage to other parts of the tree, it is best to prune the affected areas and to allow the tree to grow afresh. Tree lopping enables the restatement of a tree to its prior healthy condition.

Neighborhood safety

In neighborhoods that are embedded with trees, branches and stems can grow dangerously close to the homes and backyards of the residents in the area. This makes the local population vulnerable to damage if dead wood falls on homes, cars and other structures. Tree lopping allows for intrusive branches and stems to be pruned away from homes.

Improving aesthetic appeal

Let's face it. Trees can grow in a messy manner and make the area look wild and untidy. Tree lopping allows for the pruning of parts of the tree that are growing in random directions and making the area look unkempt. In addition, proper pruning trains the tree to grow in the right manner moving forward.

Pruning neighborhood trees can make them fit into the local area better and for a longer time to come. It also reduces the likelihood of local residents taking it open themselves to prune trees using inappropriate means.

Improving quality of the vegetation underneath

An important part of tree lopping involves reducing the canopy of the tree so it can allow light to reach low-lying vegetation. This encourages the even growth of smaller and larger trees in the area, promoting a greener environment. Proper canopy management also leads to better wind resistance across the canopy because vegetation will be more evenly spread.

In conclusion, to employ proper tree lopping services, make sure the contractor is at least an AGF Level 3 Arborist.