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How to Protect the Trees in Your Garden If you want to find out more about how you can protect the trees in your garden, you should read my blog! My name is Darren. Welcome! I was inspired to start this blog by a wonderful man that I hired to prune the trees in my garden. While he was up there, pruning away, he spotted that one of my trees had become diseased. He explained what the problem was and suggested that I call in professional tree removal service to deal with the problem. I did and they were great. I have gained so much new knowledge, I decided a blog was the best place to put it!



Landscaping Trees: Should You Prune and Trim Your Trees?

The correct maintenance of your landscaping trees will ensure that the plants retain their visual appeal, enhancing the appearance of your home. Also, the upkeep work will promote the health of your trees, minimising the need for premature cutting. There are numerous maintenance practices that you should uphold in tree management. The most critical of these processes are pruning and trimming. The methods involve selective removal and cutting of branches for optimal tree performance. Here are the essential reasons why you should uphold these practices in your home.

Removal of Dead Limbs

You should prune your tree to eliminate the hazards of dying and dead limbs. In general, a tree branch can degrade and die due to numerous reasons. For instance, if the limb fractures, it will no longer be connected to the tree for nutrients. Over time, it will weaken and start rotting.

Also, a branch can be affected by diseases or microorganisms which will consume a branch to its death. If these dangerous sections are not removed, they will spread the damage to the other areas of the trees. Additionally, weak branches can easily fall and cause harm to your property or loved ones.

By eliminating these limbs selectively, you will improve the health of your tree and your family's safety.

Increasing Sunlight and Air

Sunlight and air are essential resources for the growth of your landscaping trees. In simple terms, without these elements, the tree cannot synthesise food. Simply speaking, the leaves and branches which are concealed and suffocated will not be able to support the nutrition of plant. Instead, they will contribute to the weakening of the tree because they must rely on other branches for nutrients. Over time, your crowded tree will lose its health.

When you prune your tree selectively, you will allow branches at all levels to have sun exposure. Also, there will be free circulation of air around the tree. Additionally, if your tree has a thick canopy, the grass beneath will die. 

Tree Shape Training

The aesthetics of your landscaping trees will decline if your plant is crowded and overgrown. In simple terms, the crown will look unkempt and wild, compromising the manicured appearance of your home. It is important to trim and prune your trees to control the shape of the plant as it grows. When you regularly remove the excess branches and control the crown through trimming, you will encourage the tree to develop in the desired shape. For the best results, consult a professional tree removal service.