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3 ways smart technologies are being used during tree removal

You probably already know how important tree removal services can be. Tree removal eliminates dangerous, dead or diseased trees from your premises. Tree loppers also remove stubborn stumps that can cause injuries on your yard.

Similar to many other industries, the tree removal sector has begun taking advantage of technology. Using smart features in tree removal equipment makes the process more convenient, efficient and less costly. You may be wondering how tree loppers are using technology to make their jobs better. Read on to find out.

1. ioT sensors can be used to assess soil quality

Even before a tree is felled, the surrounding soil first needs to be examined. Tree loppers first take time to determine how stable the tree is, how deep its roots are and the current state of the tree's health. This can't be done without examining the soil type, moisture levels and neighbouring vegetation. Collecting all this information manually can be a lengthy and inefficient process.

Luckily, smart sensors can now be used to collect and analyse such data in real time. How does it work? ioT sensors can be placed on the soil to record variables such as moisture, temperature and nutrient content. This data can then be used to determine the state of the tree and to develop a plan for its removal.

ioT sensors have the ability to collect data from their surrounding environment and to transmit it to a central location. This is what essentially qualifies them to be labelled "smart sensors"--collecting and sharing data from one device to another.

2. Smart tools assist in planning for tree felling

Smart technology also comes into play when the tree is being prepared for felling. This technology can be used to capture 3D images of trees and their surroundings, such that the distance of a fall can be determined. In other words, the trunk and branches of a tree can be mapped out in relation to the surrounding environment.

This allows loppers to calculate the angle of fall and the landing of branches after a tree is cut. As a result, the tree felling process becomes safer, more reliable, and less costly.

3. Visualising roots in preparation for stump grinding

If you need a stump to be grounded from your yard, smart technology also comes in handy. 3D scanning technology can be used to visualise the roots of a stump that are hidden underneath the soil. In this way, tree loppers can prepare a more accurate plan for stump grinding. You will have more detailed information regarding how long the process will take and how much it will cost.

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