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How to Put Your Oak Tree Stump to Good Use After Its Removal

If you are about to have an oak tree removed from your property, consider removing the stump too. Leaving an oak tree stump to rot in the ground would be a waste of good hardwood. Moreover, rotting tree stumps attract termites, which is the last thing you need on your property. Instead, have a tree service remove your tree and the stump at the same time. You can put the stump to good use.

An oak tree stump is useful in various ways because of its unique properties.

Create Beautiful Carvings from the Stump              

Once cut, oak is a beautiful wood that is rot resistant, strong and ideal for outdoor furniture. Because of its beauty and durability, oak is also a good wood for carving. As such, leaving it in the ground to rot would be wasting a great opportunity to use your creativity to turn the oak stump into a work of art.

If you enjoy carving, have your tree service remove the stump too. As long as you inform them beforehand, they can preserve as much of the stump as possible so you can create carvings from it later.

Use the Wood to Fuel Your Smoker

Do you plan to enjoy some barbecues in your yard this summer? Although your yard will be lacking the beauty and shade of your oak tree, your oak tree can still play a part in the fun you have this summer. Oak wood is ideal for smoking meat and is a popular wood with meat smokers across Australia.

Instead of leaving your stump in the ground, use it to create delicious smoked meats for your barbecues this summer.

Create a Hardwood Mulch for Your Garden

Because oak is a hardwood, if you turn it into mulch for your garden, it will last longer than softwood mulches. If the plants in your garden are alkaline-loving, then oak wood mulch, which reduces the acidity in soil, will benefit them and help them thrive in your garden. Have your tree service grind out your oak stump so you can then easily use the wood chips to mulch your yard later.

Are you about to remove an oak tree from your yard? Then consider removing the stump too. As you can see, oak wood is useful in many ways, and if your tree is dear to your heart, you can create a beautiful carving that will last for many years to come.

Reach out to a stump removal service in your area for more information.