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3 Reasons Why Tree Pruning Is Important

Pruning is an essential tree care procedure that involves trimming selective parts, such as branches, roots and buds. These parts are usually diseased, overgrown or dead. If you have trees on your property, it is vital to prune them routinely. Below are three reasons why tree pruning is important. 

It Maintains Your Trees' Health

Since you will remove diseased and dead parts when pruning, your trees will be protected from decay or diseases that might spread to other parts. Also, decaying matter in dead parts can attract insects, which will weaken your trees. Nonetheless, it is vital to note that the pathogen might adhere to your tools when pruning. Therefore, you need to disinfect and dry them frequently to avoid spreading diseases unknowingly. 

Pruning also helps to improve a tree's health by increasing sun exposure. When branches grow uncontrollably, they block sunlight from reaching lower branches, leading to an unhealthy tree. Hence, pruning will encourage the growth of healthy stems and leaves.

It Improves Your Trees' Appearance

Overgrown branches can make your property look unpleasing. Pruning entails removing such branches, which improves the structural integrity of your trees. You can shape the trees to a uniform shape to make your property aesthetically appealing. 

Structural pruning is mainly done on young trees to control their growth. This usually results in stronger branches, and eventually, a strong tree. However, you can also structurally prune mature trees, but the results will be slower since growth has slowed. However, you should not prune a significant percentage of the crown because this can damage your trees considerably. 

It Reduces Accidents

Hanging branches cause improper weight distribution in a tree, which can cause accidents if the tree is hit by an impact such as a storm. These branches might fall on your roof and cause it to collapse on a power line and lead to power outages or on the road and cause road accidents. Fortunately, tree pruning helps you avoid such risks. 

It is crucial to do the job safely to avoid injuries. If your trees are tall, tree pruning experts should use ladders and other safety equipment to prevent falls. If most of the branches are on a power line, you should get professional help to avoid electrocution cases.

Tree pruning is done for health, structural and safety purposes. It is advisable to prune your trees in late fall or winter since they are dormant during these seasons, which means there are fewer possibilities of harming them. Moreover, you should hire professional tree pruning services to enhance efficiency.